Haley Prophet from Haley Prophet Consulting and Dr. Brandy Archie from AskSAMIE
Sep 04, 2024
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Haley Prophet from Haley Prophet Consulting and Dr. Brandy Archie from AskSAMIE

Haley Prophet Consulting – Haley Prophet (haley@haleyprophet.com)

  • BIO: With nearly two decades of corporate well-being expertise, Haley brings a holistic and authentic approach to fostering thriving environments for individuals, organizations, and communities.  Guided by the mantra “live will to thrive,” Haley employs creative strategies to assess and implement comprehensive well-being initiatives, and interventions that are innovative and meaningfully aligning with company goals, values, and culture.  Emphasizing energy management as a key to resilience, she advocates for happier, healthier, and more productive and engaged workplaces for long-term sustainability.  As a dynamic speaker, and facilitator, Haley advocates for workplaces to thrive when their employees thrive.  She has earned numerous awards and recognitions for her impactful contributions to workplace well-being, positively influencing countless lives throughout her career.  By nurturing personal and professional flourishing, Haley envisions sustained well-being for individuals which translates across teams and entire workplaces, creating a harmonious atmosphere where thriving is not just a goal but a way of life.
  • OVERVIEW: Haley Prophet Consulting focuses on building individuals, teams, organizations and communities that thrive.  The solutions she offers include:
    • Developing leaders as coaches, not just as a manager
    • Leveraging team members strengths and values
    • Promoting the expectations of a “Culture that Cares”
    • Instilling a mindful approach to the culture through leadership
    • Building both team and organizational resilience
    • Supporting a work ethos where everyone can thrive
    • Incorporating well-being into performance management

AskSAMIE – Brandy Archie (hello@asksamie.com)

  • BIO: Dr. Brandy Archie, a seasoned occupational therapist, has devoted her career to supporting individuals with physical or cognitive changes. With over 15 years of experience, she has worked in various states across the U.S., providing direct care to patients in their homes. Dr. Archie's journey led her to recognize the crucial need for comprehensive solutions in accessibility, especially as insurance often does not cover essential adaptive equipment and home modifications. This insight drove her to create AskSAMIE, a curated marketplace offering education resources and adaptive equipment to facilitate accessible, safe, and independent living at home for older adults and those with a disability. Her dedication and expertise have positioned AskSAMIE as a beacon of hope and innovation in the realm of aging in place.
  • OVERVIEW: Because we believe accessibility should be everywhere, we’ve built a platform called AskSAMIE enabling clinicians and individuals with the tools they need to help older adults stay safe at home. We pull clinicians, adaptive equipment, senior care services, and resources all in one place and organize that through our AI so getting to solutions is as easy as asking SAMIE.